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Dynamic Consulting from Jennifer Shoop



Hi, I'm Jen, the driving force behind Fractals & Co.  Picture me as your trusted partner in the exciting journey of untangling your complex business problems.  I've got a knack for turning challenges into clear, actionable solutions, and I'm all about rolling up my sleeves to make things happen.  

Since taking the reins at Fractals & Co in October 2020, I've been shaking things up in the corporate space.  My approach is not formulaic, but dynamic, meeting your team where they are at and moving them forward.  The secret sauce? Diving deep into the organizations, finding the sweet spots of festing issues or untapped potential, and serving them up with clear solutions with a side of enthusiasm.  I have years of experience working in health care, energy, and defense, having sat at both sides of the table: from the chief of staff of a multi-billion dollar portfolio needing solutions to the expert consultant being brought in to solve them. 

When I'm not out here running this incredible business, you can usually find me in one of two places: the garden and a Girl Scout meeting. My passion for gardening is matched only by my commitment to teaching and advocating young women through Girl Scouts.  Oh, and baking- walk into my house you will almost always find cookies in the oven.  I live my life like I run my business; I am an advocate for lasting change and believe in leaving a transformative mark wherever I go, but with a cookie and a smile! 

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