Welcome to Fractals & Co.

Dynamic Consulting from Jennifer Shoop




Hi, I'm Jen, the driving force behind Fractals & Co.

As your trusted partner, I thrive on untangling complex business problems and transforming challenges into clear, actionable solutions. My passion lies in rolling up my sleeves and making things happen, ensuring that your business moves forward with clarity and confidence.

Since I took the reins at Fractals & Co in October 2020, I've been shaking up the corporate space with a dynamic and adaptable approach. I meet your team where they are and help propel them to new heights.

The secret to my success? I dive deep into organizations, uncovering festering issues and untapped potential, then serve up clear, enthusiastic solutions. With extensive experience in healthcare, energy, and defense, I've worn many hats—from Chief of Staff managing multi-billion dollar portfolios to expert consultant solving high-stakes problems. I'm also recognized as a world-class facilitator, bringing people together to foster collaboration, innovation, and lasting results.

Building strong relationships and fostering good vibes are at the heart of everything I do. I believe that trust and positivity are key ingredients in driving successful outcomes and creating an environment where everyone thrives.

When I'm not driving Fractals & Co to new heights, you'll find me in one of two places: the garden or a Girl Scout meeting. My passion for gardening is matched only by my dedication to mentoring and advocating for young women through Girl Scouts. 

I live my life the way I run my business: as an advocate for lasting change, leaving a transformative mark wherever I go. 


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